Wednesday, July 31, 2019


Failing to See the Ironic

Having lots of stuff isn’t “greed.” Wanting lots of stuff isn’t “greed.” ...wishing to take someone else's property and wealth on the pretext that “they are greedy” IS GREED.

Tuesday, July 30, 2019


Racism and ...Eye - ism

Trump Continues his attack on Innocent victims — congressional demagogues and people with two eyes.

"Rep, Elijah Cummings has been a brutal bully, shouting and screaming at the great men & women of Border Patrol about conditions at the Southern Border, when actually his Baltimore district is FAR WORSE and more dangerous. His district is considered the Worst in the USA...”

Trump later adds that Baltimore has become a city “infested with rats.” God only knows why an accurate description of a cesspool of mismanaged destitution is somehow “racist.” What really should be asked, and it too is a valid point, why many African Americans continue to support a political party that only provides lip service to America’s black citizens and literally zero productive results to improve their lives.

The President calls it right again and all the Democomms can do is come up with the same old boring stupid charge of, “racism!”

Cummings has aggressively and unjustly attacked and sought to legally harm the president and his family as well as made unwarranted attacks on the hard-working people of Border Patrol (regarding a mess largely resulting from Democrats’ policies). It’s about time a conservative voice responds to these socialist wack jobs and their bogus screams of racism every time someone accurately calls them out for their pathetic policies of governance. It’s ridiculous that when these phony whines occur after a Trump punch-back there are so-called Republicans like Mitt Romney and George Bush’s daughter ready to side with the conniving Jacobin thugs and their phony tears. It’s an absolute fact that Democrat strongholds are poor, filthy, crime-laden, and...yes, “infested” with all manner of insects, rodents, and destitution. LA, Baltimore, Chicago, New York (to name a few). These are some of the cities in America currently rotting under the decay of gross Democrat mismanagement.

Elijah Cummings would be a worthless pig in any color. Baltimore would be a cesspool of crime and poverty under any color so long as the Democrat-socialists were in charge. Trump has also criticized and insulted Maxine waters and the gang of four communist block in the Democrats’ party. Don’t forget, they happen to be dark-skinned. They also have two eyes. When will the president stop “attacking and bullying” (responding to harassment) people with two eyes and clearly favoring people who only have one? While they are not black, a host of others also have two eyes and have been victims of Trump’s responses to their initial attacks; Chuck Schumer, Eric Swalwell, Nancy Pelosi, Rosie O’Donnel, Jerry Nadler, Gavin Newsom, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zucker, Bill de Blasio, Arnold Schwarzenegger et al. Are we seeing a trend here? All people with two eyes! Trump seems to be “sending a dog whistle.” Notice also that he has heaped praise on Texas congressman Dan Crenshaw, a guy who is missing one eye. This blatent eyeism has to stop. Don’t people know? When someone ruthlessly attacks Trump, he and his allies are supposed to suck it up, grovel, apologize, and take it up the backside. Remember when opposition to a stealth socialist takeover of healthcare was “racist” because the socialist president who supported it was half black (and had two eyes)?

A truly unprejudiced person deals with all people the same. It’s a sure sign of “racism” on some level when one wishes to respond to attacks but holds back because, “they’re different...they’re special...I can’t criticize them...special rules for special people.” When someone is perpetually shouting “racism” you can be sure they have some kind of issue with race. The true non-racists just don’t care.

While it’s indeed true that Cumming’s district, like most Democrat strongholds, is a pigsty, no one is allowed to say that (except Bernie Sanders who once described its condition as that of a “third word country” - with no media controversy of course).

Leftists destroy success, achievement, prosperity, and beauty everywhere they enforce their stupid punitive policies — skin color is irrelevant. Thank God...or the Goddess that more and more black citizens are becoming aware of the Democrat con-job to demand allegiance.

It’s a shame that leftists infest so much of American media and society. Some of the leftist assholes running Baltimore are black...and have two eyes....Obviously racism...and eyeism. .

Monday, July 29, 2019 Usual

The media is appalled that Trump’s latest escapade has been to replace his director of national intelligence. The horror! Next thing he’ll be thinking that he has a choice in the evening dinner entree’.

The current director of national intelligence is a typical deep state establishment clown that is unable to grasp the fact the president makes the calls on national policy. One of Trump’s greatest flaws (all presidents have flaws by the way) was to have not cleaned house completely upon inauguration. Any of the so called “qualified” clowns from the Washington elite should never have been considered for authority within the President’s inner circle.

The real nonsense in this transition is the response to the president’s choice for Director of National Intelligence, John Ratcliffe. No doubt, like all of Trump’s nominations, the congress will do its best to thwart the presidents wishes to work with whom he chooses. Of course “racism” will be brought up. There is no indication of racism but when anything to do with trump comes up....”racism!” Maybe they can drag a leftist feminist out of the creepy California shadows to claim Ratcliffe patted her ass in high school — that’s a common polemic used by Democrats unable to use sober analysis for confirming presidential,appointments. My favorite will be that he’s “unqualified” as if John Brennen (Obama’s CIA director), a Marxist political operative and serial perjurer was “qualified.” Obama’s assistant Director of National intelligence, Ben Rhodes, was a frustrated writer and speech writer — there’s a qualification! The media had no problem with those qualifications.

My favorite ploy in the socialist Democrat’s playbook will be to accuse Ratcliffe of being “soft on Russia” for defending the president from unwarranted attacks by the socialist mob. Ratcliffe is currently one of the congress’s most conservative members — he’s not going to be “soft on Russia.” In the upside-down world of the Democrats, they are now the supposed patriotic crusades against all enemies and all things Russia while conservatives somehow are now allies of Russia. Give me a break. These idiots spent decades openly defending Russia when it was ruled by the Communist party...go figure.

Clearing the Jacobin rabble from places of power and authority. Good call - Making America Great Again.

Saturday, July 20, 2019


The Assault on Beauty and Greatness

A friend recently sent me a link to an article entitled, “It’s time to let Classical Music Die” — seriously. The article was clogged with the usual stream of university Post Modern leftism. The jargon was so cliche' that I first wondered it was a cultural conservative who wrote the piece as a mocking joke, like a Monty Python movie (“We’re not the People’s Front of Judaea, we’re the Judaean People’s Front...”).

To the writer, the beauty and greatness of classical music (with its origins in European civilization) was somehow just another example of the “oppression” brought to the world by a geographical area occupied primarily by people with light skin.

I remember once attending a concert where a Beethoven piano concerto was performed. The pianist came on to the stage and clearly shocked a few in the audience. He was a black guy with dreadlocks. I thought it was great. Why shouldn’t anyone with skill, from any background perform the great music of the world’s cultural heritage? (He performed the work flawlessly). Now one might accuse him of “cultural appropriation” as if certain styles of music only “belong” to people of certain genetic characteristics. But even that stance is complicated by reality. There were no “blue notes” in Europe two-hundred years ago. Likewise there were no saxophones in Africa (deal with that conundrum, PC clown).

My background is distinctly blue collar. I wasn’t raised on culture and fine art. As much as I love music, I still can’t play an instrument. My exposure to and appreciation for classical music was an endeavor I took upon myself as a pre-teen. I began by listening to simple movie soundtracks, specifically, the early James Bond films brilliantly scored by John Barry. Later, upon hearing simple pieces like the” Grand Canyon Suite” I realized the similarity of quality and dove deeper into the classical repertoire. It takes patience to really understand great music. You can’t just play an hour long Bruckner symphony and expect to “get” it anymore than a person accustomed to comic books can quickly appreciate the complexities of a great novel. That’s not to say that comics are bad, and there is no reason to insist that novels are “better” but...they are. If one seeks to fathom subtleties of feeling and complexity of human creativity, you won’t find it in comic books, pop tunes, or political grievance dissertations. To some degree, greatness is debatable but honest humans instinctively know that a mountain vista is a superior thing to behold when compared to a plastic flamingo in a trailer park. One could call that “elitist.” Okay, it’s elitist to recognize greatness. So, how do we describe those unwilling to recognize greatness? Do we praise them for wanting to “Let [Greatness] Die”?

The writer of this boiler plate Marxist screed strongly suggests that he is a “person of color.” We later find that his claim in the oppression olympics is that he’s half Lebanese. How ironic. I’m half Lebanese! Does this now mean that I’m a bonafide “[dude]of color.” The other half of my lineage may be related to Elizabeth Warren so maybe I can cash in on some reservation’s casino receipts too!

He also notes that he is gay which makes one wonder why he would favor the “death” of great works by Schubert, Copeland, or Bernstein.

The polemic begins with what the writer thinks is a profound analogy, a person in an abusive relationship who is apparently not able to see their predicament. This is where the socialist in shining armor comes in to liberate the victim from their own lack of [class consciousness?]. We need a Jacobin to roll in and “liberate” us, like Soviet tanks did in Hungary in 1956. Thank god there are half Lebanese (persons of color) socialists who think they suffered under Jim Crow to save me from the abuse of beautiful and refined sublimity. If I had only known, I would have restricted my musical tastes to Soviet Marching band music.

There was a point when, in the former Soviet Union, they actually tried to eliminate conductors since the implication was notably inegalitarian. They apparently didn’t have the sense to realize that their entire society was compelled to obey an inegalitarian state authority (at least an orchestra member is assumed to be free to chose his or her role).

The great Russian composer, Shostakovich was close to being sent to the gulag to god knows what end for the crime of writing music a bit too out of sync with the sentiments of “the people” (the state).

Although the article in question is full of the usual jargon of the left regarding oppressors and oppressed, like most diatribes in contemporary left-land, its overriding points revolve around racial grievance.

As it turns out, “Classical” music originated on the European subcontinent. The native people who live there are light skinned. Presto! Classical music is racist and “oppressive.” It’s so simple. Why didn’t we see it before?

Dennis Prager, conservative commentator and classical conductor in his own right, once noted that one can find concert halls around the world with performers from around the world performing the great works of Beethoven and Brahms et. al. One typically does not find traditional Indonesian music performed with the same wide-spread enthusiasm. That’s not to say that the music from Indonesia is bad or not worth appreciating. It does recognize that there are levels of quality and greatness in all of human endeavor. When we think of greatness in the history of painting we often note a genre of art originating in Italy in the 15th and 16th centuries — the Renaissance. We don’t make this appraisal because we’ve judged the skin color of those who embodied that era of art history. We do so because it is great art born of a time and place. We now all can claim it as part of humankind’s heritage. We don’t make the same claim of greatness to the art of Milwaukee, circa 1980. Not because we hold an oppressive prejudice against the inhabitants of Milwaukee. We instinctively recognize hierarchies of quality. Even in sub genres of music like “rock” few would claim that the catchy tune of the week (Justine Bieber?) is on the same level of greatness as the Beatles or Pink Floyd. Incidentally, the Beatles and Pink Floyd are typically referred to as “classic” rock for a reason.

The unfortunate reality in all of this is that academia has mass produced a generation of milquetoast thugs unable to discern greatness or be able to strive for excellence in their own lives. Those who restrict their view of the profound and beautiful for the sake of some dusty ideological dogma are clearly missing something. Where it becomes problematical is when they demand that we share in their bitter resentments.

It used to be that a liberal arts education endowed one with a rich overview of the best that civilization has passed down to us. It’s a good thing that curricula has become more inclusive and that great works by previously marginalized groups have joined the canon of what is great in human culture but...the stupid assault on the common sense perception of greatness serves no one. Would anyone really claim that a mud hut is a superior expression of human architectural skill when compared to a Gothic cathedral? Many today would, but these are the same people who would seize our property, destroy our economies, and impose obedience because Karl Marx and others told them to do so.

There’s a lot of stupid stuff going on in Jacobin circles these days but none of it changes the fact that some great art has been left as a legacy to all humanity. It’s not going to “die” because of the stale gripes of the true smug elitists of our time who are the real oppressors of all that is good in humanity.



Get a clue. Power to the state is NOT a good thing.

Thursday, July 18, 2019


“Full of Hate” vs. Full of Shit

‘Ever notice that when someone proclaims that another person or group is “full of hate” that the person saying so is often noticeably pretty ...”full of hate” — and shit? The twin monikers of conjured nonsense; hate-monger and “racist.” The non-arguments of vapid thugs unable to draw upon facts to support their case.

Did you ever choose not to move in with someone or reject a potential roommate? Maybe you just don’t “click” with them. Maybe you have different taste in decor, different manners, different cuisine. Maybe you’re neat and organized and they’re slobs. Do you “hate” them? Maybe...maybe not. It’s irrelevant really. We all have cause to like, love, dislike, or hate the people and institutions we encounter. Cats hate water. Mice probably hate cats.

Are you “full of hate” for wanting to live your own chosen lifestyle? Do you think you’re “superior” to the partner, roommate, or neighbor you dislike?” — what? Do you think you’re cleaner, more organized, trustworthy, and dependable, and you have a smarter approach to how you interact with responsibilities, the world, and others? Do you prefer to be around your own chosen aesthetic environment and cultural standards? That’s not only full of hate but....racism! — the go-to twin projections of choice by leftists everywhere today. When an Antifa barbarian hits a random stranger over the head with a bike lock or a mob of communists agitators shut down a speaker, that’s not “hate?” Do you think that when Democrat representative Tlaib said, “We’re going to impeach that mother-fucker” she may have been expressing...hate? Remember, only people who believe in traditional values and limited constitutional government are full of hate. Every violent act you see today by the left is an act of love. If you want to see real love in action let these clowns have some more power and you’ll get to see all the love and non-hatred that we saw when Stalin and Pol Pot ruled over populations of hateful non-leftists.

What if it’s a group of people that you hate? Say the family down the street is noisy and leaves their yard a mess and you’d personally prefer a quiet atmosphere. Maybe the father is a nice guy but one of his sons is a religious fanatic who thinks that you have to follow his belief system. Imagine that he actually threatens bodily harm and has made good on his threats to others. His brother is in prison for rape, murder, and drunk driving. BUT, in spite of all this, the father is really is a nice guy. The mother seems pretty nice too. Why not invite the whole family over for dinner...and tell them to stay — permanently — and let them make the choices on how your house will be run and what it will look like. Are you “full of hate” if you instead chose to lock your doors and tell other neighbors you wish the family in question had never moved into your neighborhood?

Some people don’t like you and have nothing in common with you but demand that you let them move in with you and share your resources with them. Are they maybe, just possibly, “full of hate” for not wishing to adopt your standards if living?

Should embracing other cultures mean that inner city teenagers should have to endure a daily dosage of 18th century European string quartets...or, would that be “cultural appropriation?”

As it turns out, being full of hate can be a pretty complex thing. While we generally don’t find it to be an attitude to be looked favorably upon, there are circumstances where it might be a a bit understandable. Certainly gazelles hate lions. No real refection on lions it’s just that dissonance, conflict, and avoidance seems to reasonably appear in the churning cauldron of social interaction everywhere throughout time. You could say that oil “hates” water. Are not the complex social interactions among people mere extrapolations of the basic processes at play in a universe full of degrees of affiliation and discord?

One can certainly be nice to others or seek to avoid them while, at the same time, hating them. When they seek to cram their worldview and lifestyle down your throat it’s a harder maneuver to work around — your hatred may become more obvious.

It’s bad enough to be chastised for a reasonable response to circumstances that may up-end your life (like being forced to take in thousands of unknown and unwelcome people into your neighborhoods). ‘Worse still when in fact you simply want to live in a stable and free society with minimal government intrusion and everyone who wants you to obey their inner dictator is calling you a racist and hateful for merely wanting to be left alone and afforded some space to succeed and pursue happiness.

The left is clear what they want from us, our lives, and our families (they basically want us, our lives, and our families). ...Ya gotta just hate that.

Tuesday, July 16, 2019


Oh the Inhumanity!

Children (some trafficked) behind chain link partitions is not “children in cages.” It wasn’t a problem under Obama. Now, it’s “cages?” Why are thousands of migrants from countries across the world coming (illegally) to the U.S.? - “We heard that you’re separating families, putting kids in cages, and making people drink out of toilets...count me in!”

Thursday, July 11, 2019


Teacher’s Pets and Assholes

No one could stand them in school, and it’s hard not to be annoyed by them now that they’ve become adults.

Among the variety of classmates one has in one’s first introduction to mass social interaction (school) are an entire archetypal mix of characters. It doesn’t matter what the race or cultural background may be in one’s social milieu. Every kid knows fellow students who are nerds, jocks, stoners, rebels, gamers, Hip-Hop aficionados, or creepy death metal freaks. We see them all in school just as we continue to interact with them in adulthood.

Smart respectable and friendly kids are...nice. People generally like “nice” people. That is of course unless one sees niceness as something pretentious and contrived. It doesn’t help if the power structure — teachers — have bought into the con and elevate the schemers to unwarranted adulation. Some kids are popular, and that’s fine. They’re bound for success. You could even say they are “privileged” and skin color is of little or no significance when appraising attractiveness, charisma, or smooth style.

This is a “generalization” (a type of appraisal that often accurately discerns things) but many of these young elites successfully maintain their aura of grandiosity as adults. They’re the “good people.” They think the right things, read the right books, and vote for the right party. They would never be so crass as to believe in the value of maintaining a secure national border. They go to the right colleges and dutifully agree with their Post-Structuralist professors. They would never question the wisdom of rulership by guardian class. The teachers pet would never wear a MAGA hat or write an essay supporting the wrong view. They’re the good guys. Maybe the extra good guys but they’re no Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts (or transgender scouts). Flag patches and pledges to the flag are no way to go now when one is bridling for attention in the social nobility olympics.

What used to be the teacher’s pet is now the pet of every institution of statist thought. They’re the clapping seals in Bill Maher’s audience. They’re the free-range kale-stuffed suburban monuments to PC obedience. Underneath their well-polished patina of milquetoast leftism and masks of purity is the usual matrix of human flaw but, it doesn’t matter. The teachers approved, the professors approved, the media holds them in high regard (many of them are the media). What’s not to like when “privilege” is actually an Oscar-winning acting stunt?

It isn’t so much that the tail-wagging obedience of the “cooperative” are held in such high regard. What’s a bit more unsettling is the successful derision directed to the rest of us.

Dennis Leary famously performed a song mocking common caricatures of the less-sophisticated. Each section of the song ends with the catchy reminder that the stereotype of traditionalist living is “an asshole.” It’s a funny song. Even funnier if you believe that conjured image. Of course one could just as easily mock the caricature of pristine goodness that starts life off as a teachers pet and ends it with the commanding positions in society gained by those who play the role of rebel but are far (very far) from it.

In the end, the only people who really like the teacher’s pet are the teachers. But for the rest of us, we get stuck cleaning the “pet’s” litter box (which lies in every nook and cranny of life).

“Hey! Teacher! (and journalist, and bureaucrat, and Hollywood entertainer, and late night “comedian”), “Leave them kids alone!” ....leave Us alone!


Maybe They’re the Assholes

I work hard and struggle through life. I've had some good pleasures and of course I've had strife. Sometimes I enjoy the things that I've got while the leftists sit in their coffee shop, screaming, screaming screaming that I'm an asshole!

There's a protest today, the kids are all set to show that they love people that they've never met. And here I am tired from a day on the farm, while Democrats whine that I've done only harm. They can't understand the things that I say, while sipping their skinny self-righteous latte.

They think they're the only ones having a soul, while proclaiming and complaining that I'm an asshole.

I'm an asshole (they think). I am privileged (they wink).

They don't understand why I'm unable to see the obvious that they "are better than" me. I'm an asshole, (and they're not). They want culture to rot. It's the way they can bring us in line with their thought, to punish the wayward by folks who know best. It's all about trying another Socialist test.

If some people cry, if some innocent die, There'll be omelets in days if we just breaks some more eggs, and some legs, and arms, and skulls, and bones, to the shrieks, and sardonic tones of the betters who yell from their fortress in hell, Who think Obama's corruptions were actually swell and they tell us others who'd rather be free that if we knew and could only see that, We're assholes -- in their eyes. We're assholes -- the working class guys. We are assholes -- so they think. While they burn, and holler, and scream, and break, For reasons unknown and for no ones' sake.

They know best what's for you, they know how you should live, You should do what they say, you should do it today, and learn to obey the Antifa way.

Well, I've given it thought and decided to pass on the phony and bogus communist gas that erupts from the belly of control freaks and kings who want nothing more than to steal your things.

Maybe just maybe it is they who are the assholes.....the assholes 🎶

Friday, July 05, 2019


Happy Independence...

And independence day.

Independence is a good thing. A child is dependent. A child forfeits freedom and gains subsistence. This circumstance should not be the same for a sane adult. Forfeiting freedom is stupid, doing so for the sake of mere subsistence is even stupider. Any animal can sit in its cage for the luxury of having the spoils of a hunt delivered to it in a little dish each day by the zookeeper.

As I had noted in previous writings, the left and its many propaganda arms has successfully made debatable issues out of what used to be taken for granted as obvious fact. I’m not sure if this is a reflection of stealth cunning on their part or plummeting intelligence on the part of soon to be captives. None the less, July 4th has now become a period for debating whether or not America is great and whether or not the great personalities of history should be honored for what they did best.

On this current American birthday, the concept of American greatness is widly being called into question. The naysayers are primarily the usual cabal of pseudo-intellectual talking heads, spoiled and clueless college drones, and the perpetually pissed street rabble.

By any sane and objective measure, America is a great country. Adding the usual caveats that it has blemishes in its past is pathetic. Have you ever wished someone a “Happy Birthday,” told them they were great, and then reminded them that there are numerous bad things in their past that they should perennially be reminded of?

Among the usual list of stupid gripes leveled at American history is the pervasive, overused, and utterly boring chastisement over “racism” and, of course, slavery. We’re supposed to cringe at the horror of an 18th/19th century landlord owning slaves (Thomas Jefferson) regardless of his eloquent and brilliant participation in creating a new and unique dynamo of human endeavor. Mohammad owned slaves (try wrapping your PC polemic around that), Gandhi beat his wife, and Martin Luther King was a serial philanderer. Try reminding people on Martin Luther King’s birthday that “maybe he wasn’t so great.”

Objectively, slavery is definitely a very bad thing but, horror of horrors, I’m not going to get all that worked up about it. I can probably trace my own lineage to some mistreatments and injustices but I’d be wasting my time and energy doing so. Maybe it’s the time frame. Jim crow is fairly recent history (though most Americas today were never part of it). Do we judge an injustice by how recent it was? In that case we can write the holocaust off as it recedes into time or, we can acknowledge it as a good lesson on what not to ever do again...while still liking BMWs and German beer? Anyone who has traveled in Bavaria knows that Germany is a great country.

Is America great? If diverse, dynamic, creative, accomplished, successful, adaptable, inspiring, and FREE is great than, yes, America is great(!)— unquestionably. If your standard is that America should be more like Lichtenstein and Monaco, maybe less so but, that’s no way to appraise the greatness of a nation.

On this American birthday public discourse is poisoned by the usual creeps that drag civilization downward. They typically speak in moral terms but morality is the last thing that motivates them. It’s beyond ironic that those who forever rally the mob with cries of racism and slavery be so clearly dedicated to enslaving a nations citizens to the political masters of statism.

True greatness is historically rare. This Independence day, stay independent and know greatness when you have the good fortune to be a part of it.

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